Gogo Skhotheni Shared A Secret On Helping Yourself About What You Want In Life. Gogo Skhotheni is one of the famous Sangoma and although some people will criticize her. She has been helping lot of people and is helping them free of charge.

Gogo Skhotheni Shared A Secret On Helping Yourself About What You Want In Life

A lot of people have been learning a lot from her. She has been making videos on YouTube and Facebook. Though in most cases she is. Under attack because lot of people especially Sangomas they do not like what she is doing because she is taking a bread from their mouth. She has been followed by many people. She has been helping many people in terms of Spiritual attack.

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She has shared a Coke ritual and she has shared the R1 ritual. She has shared the one with white candle and needles. She has also shared the ritual of eggs and milk. She also consultated people online. She has helped lot of people by interpreting their dreams. When a person is interpreting your dreams is part of consultation and they charge for it.

Recently she shared another secret of milk and your morning urine. You take your morning urine every morning and you mix it with milk and apply it on your face. After you apply your daily make up.

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