Sources have come out to reveal (or rather confirm) speculation surrounding DJ Zinhle and AKA‘s relationship status.

For weeks the rumour mill has been on the topic of DJ Zinhle and AKA’s relationship. Fans have been taking to social media to voice their concerns and to ask questions; with many noticing a few “changes”.

On the 30th of December was Zinhle’s birthday and of course, fans were anticipating a sweet birthday message from AKA to the Umlilo hitmaker, but all she got (on social media at least) was a measly “Happy Birthday”. No emoji, no “I love you” or anything of the sort – plus, he later deleted that post.

This got fans speculating that there may be trouble in paradise, especially after others also noticed that the two were not following each other on Instagram. But, our sources have come out to tell us that they, in fact, have not been following each other for a very long time.


Anyway, most recently, Sunday World reported that their sources have revealed that Kairo’s parents have indeed broken up.

Here are the reasons, according to the moles:

  1. There were too many people meddling in their relationship, particularly Zinhle’s friends; Pearl Thusi and Moozlie
  2. AKA felt disrespected when Zinhle was partying with Cassper at a club in Cape Town
  3. Zinhle has been using the fact that she is older than AKA to control him
  4. AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, always takes Zinhle’s side when the two fight

It is reported that the couple is on a break, but they talk.

Do you believe it is really over?

Source : Online