Connie Ferguson has been causing storms on social media ever since her character on The Queen, Harriet, discovered that her daughter, Kea, was being abused by her partner. And now the people want her to do something about it.

Harriet confronted Kea’s boyfriend Tebogo recently and even put Kea in her place during a heated argument this week.

But like a service delivery strike, the people are tired of all the talking and want Harriet to balance us on how she is going to deal with her future son-in-law.

You see, Kea still couldn’t get it into her head that Tebogo was not good for her.
And so, Twitter was ready and willing to sit Ma Harriet down with them and draw up a battle plan.

Based on the reactions, here’s what we think they would have told her:

Option 1: Leave them, Ma. Let them learn

Maybe she will come running back once she’s learnt?

Option 2: Get Kea’s ex and let’s sort this

Eish! But Harriet broke them up in the first place.


Options 3: Invite Tebogo’s exs to the party and let them testify

The tea will be spilt!

Option 4: Get Shaka involved

He has his own ish to deal with but maybe he can finally come around and help?

Option 5: Whip his ass

The more popular choice.

Other shared their thoughts on the drama that was unfolding on the series through jokes and memes.

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