After The Queen’s Kea (played by Dineo Moeketsi) again refused to accept that marrying Tebogo (Fezile Makhanya) was probably the worst idea in the WHOLE entire world, Twitter users are now convinced she has a plan to make him pay.

Kea’s mom (played by Connie Ferguson) had him running for the heels after she pulled a gun on him earlier this week, but Kea has stuck by her dude despite him treating her worse than the floor towel.

Kea also had us shooketh when sis claimed that the man who told her mom about the abuse, Prince (played by Moshe Ndiki), was just exaggerating.

After she begged Tebogo not to move out this week, only for him to turn around and kick her out of her own home, Twitter fans were convinced that Kea was about to pull off a master plan.

Here’s just some of the things they think might be going down.

She’s marrying him to get coins in a divorce settlement

She’s going to embarrass him at the wedding

She’s going to fight back when he least suspects it

Or she will just vat & sit until he eventually dies of old age

Either way, fans are gatvol of Tebogo’s tricks and are quarter to beating him with a long stick.

They said that Tebogo was in the same WhatsApp group of evil as Goodness (played by Zenande Mfenyana), after she once again visited with her evil tendencies and talked smack about the Khoza family. But don’t stress, the Twitter troops were called to deal with her.

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