Hlomla Dandala Breaks His Silence On Black Twitter Making Fun Of His Marriage Drama! We don’t think the actor anticipated what followed his meltdown last Friday in which he exposed his wife for allegedly cheating.

Hlomla, who doesn’t have a great reputation with being a faithful husband himself, went on a rant on Instagram revealing his wife had an affair and had been intimate with another man in their marital home. Black twitter was not kind in reaction, which saw the actor trend most part of the long weekend.

Black twitter felt the actor was getting a dose of his own medicine as he had cheated multiple times in his previous marriage. Others felt he was being dramatic and telling him ‘men don’t cry’ even more so publicly. Hlomla later returned to twitter responding to all the criticism.

Hlomla went all woke with it explaining that his wife was never his possession and has a right to associate with whomever she pleases and that he had forgiven him. “To the “qina” and the “indoda ayikhali” brigade, thank you. I know you mean well but andifuni kuqina right now, I’m in pain. Indoda iyakhala so that izakhuphola,” he tweeted.


Well, at least he learnt a few things, right?

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