One can bet that at this life time, there is nothing more painful than being Zimbabwean and trying to cross to South Africa through the Beitbridge border post in Musina. How Zimbabweans Are Sleeping At The Beitbridge Border Post – Video

How Zimbabweans Are Sleeping At The Beitbridge Border Post - Video

If you’re a human being with feelings, your heart should bleed at the sight of this video of how people are sleeping at the boarder waiting for their turn to be checked and cross over into South Africa.

A video making its rounds on social media platforms shows people who are stranded sleeping in the ground without blankets or anything to cover themselves with, they are just scattered there without any other option, but to wait Land see what tomorrow holds for them.

Some of them have been reported to have been at the border post since Sunday, that means there hasn’t been any chance to freshen up, they are just as they are since then, hygiene has been thrown out the window, now the main focus is to get to the other side of the border.

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What should the do? We all know the situation on Zimbabwe, should they go back home and starve? Or should the SA government allow the government the in despite the our Covid-19 situation?

The way in which they are sleeping, early they are infection each other with the Covid-19, there is no wearing of masks, no social and physical distances between each other, it’s just a mess.

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