American creator of the hit sitcom Black-ish, Kenya Barris has his eyes set on South Africa’s very own Hungani Ndlovu. Taking to his Instagram Live, the producer and writer spoke highly of Hungani’s talent and revealed he would love to include him as the cast of Black-ish next season. Hungani is relocating to America?

Hungani is relocating to America?

“I did some research on this young man and I was touched. The fact that he graduated for acting in Flii’Cademy in Los Angeles made him a star. And his work lately proves that he is the greatest because he is killing his role on Scandal!” said the producer as quoted by iHarare.

Kenya Barris said it would be an honour to have Hungani as part of the cast as he has a role for him to play for the following season. He also added that he was impressed by his CV, having graduated from the Los Angeles academy majoring in dance and film. He believes that this role would be the perfect exposure to the international scene as Kenya believes Hungani deserves it. Closing off his IG live he mentioned that he will be in contact with the actor.

Hungani wowed fans with his character Romeo Medupe which he portrayed in eTV’s Scandal! It was reported earlier this year that he would be exiting the show however he slammed those rumours. Fast-forward two months later, he handed in his resignation.

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When news broke, his fans were utterly disappointed and left disheartened by this as his character was undoubtedly the most admired.

Day in, day out he would be the reason Scandal! trends on social media, as his acting is always spot-on and his character evolved so much that people loved him even though he was a vindictive and two-timing fella.

It is alleged that eTV’s Marketing Manager, Makatseng Mokomoe confirmed the departure of Hungani Ndlovu. However, provided fans with hope by suggesting that he departure was open-ended, meaning he could possibly return in the future.

As mentioned before, it was speculated before that Hungani would be leaving the show. Rumour had it that Hungani became egotistical because of his popularity on show and amongst fans. It was suggested that he had believed that he carried the show and wanted a cheque that showcased his level of importance on the soapie. The second time around it was rumoured that the actor took a sabbatical from the soapie. At the time, Hungani was not shooting anything but had taken some time off from the soapie.

Other speculations include that he is not happy with the way his wife Stephanie Sandows departed from the show.

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