Viggy Qwabe may be one of the favourites for the Idols SA title this season, but she had some fans worried on Sunday when she performed a song they felt was out of her comfort zone.

Viggy and her twin sister, Virginia, have been lighting up screens on the reality competition, with many wondering if the finale will come down to the two competing against each other.

Viggy has been doing well, but may have hit a speed bump when she sang Sia’s Chandelier on this week’s show.

Many were impressed by the rendition, but others were not convinced.

Some said that they could not hear the lyrics clearly and that the song was too far out of her comfort zone.

Her fans defended her, saying her talent shone through, despite some difficulties, and the performance was proof of her ability.

Soon the internet was filled with memes and messages, as fans argued about the performance.

Source : TimesLive