Skeem Saam viewers are convinced that MaNtuli’s pension fund payout is going to dry up quicker than she thinks because of her recklessness.

On Thursday night’s episode fans couldn’t believe how MaNtuli went all Oprah Winfrey on her family.

She was on some: “You get a new phone, you get a new phone… everybody gets a new phoooone!”.

That time for Twitter, it was like watching a horrific accident about to happen. Viewers also couldn’t believe how MaNtuli is splurging when Sthoko is unemployed and Kwaito is broke and sitting on his brain.

Pretty’s got potential but her school fees will probably run out at some point because Mantuli is ouchea playing Oprah.

MaNtuli is living her best life shem!

Meanwhile the rest of us are just here looking at her like:

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