Imagine being caught red-handed cheating on your pregnant wife and still having the liver to deny it…

Not only has Shaka successfully ruined his marriage with his cheating shenanigans, but he’s also broken the peace that the Khozas were enjoying and that’s not okay with The Queen viewers.

Shaka’s lust led him to be tempted by the seductive Onicca and because of his disregard for his wife’s feelings and just pure selfishness… he went ahead and slept with Onicca.

Not once but more than twice and Mmabatho finally reached her breaking point. She packed her bags and was ready to leave when Shaka attempted to stop her. The slap she gave him left tweeps going “ouch” on his behalf but they felt he deserved it.

Most of the viewers hoped Mmabatho would leave Shaka because his nonsense has even managed to annoy them. They had the memes!

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