Since she began acting on Generations The Legacy, the actress and mother of two has been enjoying the less bumpy and dramatic road to success.

Although we’ve read many things about Zoe, especially when it comes to her past relationships it’s also interesting to learn extra facts about the actress & singer. After all, she’s more than just her relationships right?

In 2017, Zoe shared that she could never marry a polygamist, not only because she’s the jealous type but because she was raised in a polygamous family.

Here are a few facts we’ve come to learn about her:

  • Her father married five wives and she has mentioned that she has 20-something siblings. Her eldest sibling is 24-years older than her.
  • Zoe is 37-years old and was sent to a boarding school at the tender age of 5-years old, the same applied to her other siblings.
  • In a Drum Magazine interview, Zoe once mentioned that growing up in boarding school was rather difficult, but her late mother taught her the ropes on how to carry herself even when peer pressure seemed difficult.
  • Zoe’s mother sadly passed away in 2011.
  • While growing up she considered herself ugly & disliked being tall. Can you believe it? Such a bombshell thought she was ugly? Wow!
  • The actress has been in the industry for 14-years.
  • Believe it or not but Zoe actually entered Coca-Cola Pop Stars back in 2003.
  • If you’re wondering if the rumors about her dating fellow cast member – Rapulana Seiphemo are true or false, you may just have to live with the fact that you’ll be wondering forever as she never answers such questions in any conversation let alone an interview.




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