We’re living in a strange time where many call themselves apostles and prophets of God. Could Samson be one of them? Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

It has been said that false prophets will arise and perform great miracles, signs and wonders, while leading the Maletsatsis, Phindis and Lindiwes of this world astray.

Pastor Ngema has led us into believing he could be one of those. He came from nowhere, started preaching the word of God, and claimed the good Lord has sent him to build a huge congregation in Soweto.

Soon miracles started to happen for all those who didn’t believe in him or his prophecies. Kgosi was the first who miraculously found a speaker outside his door. This drove him to join the “man of the Lord,” and he started selling his healing oil.

After pastor Ngema manipulated Phindile into breaking up with Javas, wonders started to happen for her. Do you remember how she phenomenally received a huge amount of money in her bank account?

The latest victim has been Gloria. Pastor proclaimed God sent him to tell Gloria to make peace with the Ngemas. When Gloria didn’t budge, she was told she would see a big white bird as a sign from God.  Guess what? Gloria saw the big white bird outside her house.

As he had just converted Gloria, Zinzile also started seeing signs: a hearse and a black cat.

Are these miracles from God or did pastor Ngema orchestrate them?

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