Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho’s daughter shares her abuse ordealIsibaya on-screen character Ayanda Borotho and her little girl, Ayaphiwa Ngubane, have by and by cast the focus on sex based savagery, relating the badgering they have gotten because of men.

Watch :Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho’s daughter shares her abuse ordeal

Talking in the most recent scene of their Conversations With Our Daughters arrangement, the pair said they had grown up being “heckled” every day that they thought it was typical conduct.

Ayaphiwa is set to begin varsity one year from now and conceded that she was more worried about her wellbeing nearby than her outcomes. She likewise related the time she ate grass to imagine she was intellectually sick, to stay away from the advances of a man.

“I will always remember. I was strolling back to my grans house and this person had tailed me there and back, fundamentally requesting my name and number … I didn’t have a sense of security. There was a veld before me with straw grass.

“Along these lines, I went there and eating. I took a major pleasant piece and ate it, and acted insane so this person would disappear. That is the thing that wound up occurring, he disregarded me.”

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She said it was miserable that ladies needed to profess to be intellectually sick or change their conduct around others, just to ensure themselves.

They urged ladies to report men, including your accomplice, in the event that they constrained themselves on you.

Ayanda has spoken before on “poisonous” connections and said that when you live in the “dimness” it before long begins to look like light.

“At the point when you live in poisonousness for a really long time, even dimness looks like light. At the point when you encircle yourself with unremarkableness for a really long time, even your significance will begin to look normal.”

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