Monday 9 April 2017
Episode 4911  

A calculating Gabriel deliberately sows strife between Nina and Sechaba. A calculating Gabriel deliberately sows strife between Nina and Sechaba.

Wendy’s managerial position is undermined at the Rec which results in Kgothalo coming down hard on her. Lalage finally has a breakthrough but she’s worried how her husband will take the news.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 4912

Nina decides to take the war with the Molois to another level and Lerato is on the receiving end of her wrath. Kgothalo is angry with her mother and decides to put her in her place. Lalage is in huge trouble with Hendrik.

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Episode 4913

Lerato’s reaction to her salon being vandalized is one of cold fury. Wendy tells Kgothalo how lucky she is to have a mother. Things are tense between Hendrik and Lalage.

Thursday 12 April 2018
Episode 4914  

Benjamin is worried about how much influence Gabriel has over Sechaba regarding the hotel. Mmakgosi is excited about the contribution she’ll make when she begins working at the Rec but she is soon disappointed.

Lalage finally decides to do something for herself and takes Sechaba up on his job offer, but lies in the process.

Friday 13 April 2018
Episode 4915 

Nina has an enticing offer for Gabriel, but comes with a price tag. Will he accept? It’s Mmakgosi’s first day at the Rec and Kgothalo lays down the law, but then Mmakgosi surprises Wendy when she saves her bacon.

It’s Lalage’s first day at work as well and Hendrik blows her away when he tells Anja and Wendy they should all be supportive of her.
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