“It’s All So Hard,” Denise Zimba Gets Real About Her Challenges With Motherhood! Denise has always kept it real and often made her seem too blunt for some people’s liking but that has never stopped her.

Even now in motherhood, Denise continues to be honest with her journey and some of the challenges she’s encountered so far. In a candid post to applaud all mothers for doing their best, Denise describes motherhood as “the most beautiful and exhausting experience ever”.

“I cry at least every second day because I am exhausted and overwhelmed. I’m learning my baby and she is learning me, my husband, and the world she now exists in. Im not happy with how I look. My body does not feel like mine, my feelings bounce from wall to wall, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I get overwhelmed every time my baby cry’s, I rush through everything, I have extreme guilt when I get the chance to leave the house on my own and try to collect myself or attempt a gym session. It’s all so hard,” the new mom shared.

Denise also shared the joys of motherhood that makes her smile and all worth it. ” The days when I open myself to a positive outlook, I am able to truly enjoy the little things in life. When my baby poos the right color and texture poo, OMG! Winning! When she throws up on me or wakes up at 3am to have a conversation in her ‘gibber gabber language’ for another 2 and a half hours, instead of just crying in that time, PROGRESS! When she smiles back at me or wraps her arm around my neck when I pick her up … I fall into tiny glorious pieces,” she gushed.

She ended off saluting all mamas saying, “You are doing the best that you can. Well done. 💜.”

Source : Ok MZANSI