She is, unfortunately, one of South Africa’s most vilified women – all because of a love life that spiralled out of her control.

But we’re happy to report that not only is Kelly Khumalo taken, things are so serious that she will be getting married next October.

Speaking to Drum, Khumalo confirmed, “my ass is taken, it belongs to someone – I’m not single anymore.”

She went on to add, “I’m planning to have my wedding next year October. I have already decided on the type of dress that I would like – something very short with cowboy boots.”

We’re trying to imagine the look and it’s not good.

The plan is to keep the ceremony private and small however as Khumalo has taken a new, more private approach to her life. As such, she will not be divulging who her new bae is. The most lavish things she plans to do are to get married outside of the country and throw a small party for family and fans once she gets back from her nuptials.




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