While South Africans are calling out men to step up and treat women better, one social media user had a nasty comment to say about Khanyi Mbau. Instead of getting mean, Khanyi replied with dignity that would shame anyone who has a conscience.

Amid the focus on the violence against women in South Africa, one man has targeted Khanyi Mbau with a nasty and insensitive remark. The celeb chose to deal with the troll in a dignified way rather than clapping back, and we love it.

Her powerful response would put anyone to shame who has just a fraction of a healthy conscience. The recent surge of violent crimes against women and children has left citizens asking, ‘Am I next?’ and Khanyi used the hashtag that was born out of this question, #AmINext.

This kind of behaviour is what South Africans are asking men to stop. With Uyinene Mrwetyana’s tragic death still fresh in our memories, no one wants to see women treated with anything but love and care.

Source : News365