Khanyi Mbau’s millionaire ex-boyfriend, Kudzai moves on with an Arab girlfriend. South African actress Khanyi Mbau‘s ex-boyfriend has allegedly found a new love interest Vanja, who goes as bunny__bandit on Instagram. Here’s what we know about her.

Khanyi Mbau’s millionaire ex-boyfriend, Kudzai moves on with an Arab girlfriend

Khanyi Mbau was dating Zimbabwean millionaire Kudzai Mushonga on and off since 2021. The pair had a public breakup that same year when Kudzai dropped Khanyi off at a salon in Dubai and she caught a flight back home to Johannesburg without telling him.

She eventually went back to Dubai and the pair appeared to be loved-up on Instagram and on the first season of Young, Famous & African. However, Kudzai was nowhere to be seen on season two of the series, despite Khanyi revealing she is now a resident of Dubai,

Gossip blog Maphephandaba has since shared a lengthy letter where he claimed that he was in a controlling relationship.

“For 1.7 years I had a fixed daily routine. Work 18 hours a day, sleep and repeat, and maybe go to the barber. I had very minimal contact and communication with the outside world and my mental health started falling apart,” he said according to the blog.

Each time I tried to step out, it disrupted peace In my relationship, so I chose to stay home, only went out when she was home with me and that was maybe after 4 months for a few weeks. I started losing my ability to communicate well with others socially” he continued.

Here’s the full letter:

Here are interesting things to know about Kudzai’s alleged new girl:
1. She is a Arab, Kudzai’s alleged ‘new fetish’

According to the blog, Kudzai now has a “fetish” for Arab woman and his new love interest is Vanja. Here’s five things to know about her.

2. She is a stewardess

According to her Instagram account, Vanja is a stewardess. She had an airplane emoji next to “stewardess” so she is likely to be an airhostess.

3. She found a dining app in the United Arab Emirates

Also according to her Instagram, Vanja says she founded the first dining app in the UAE called Tablati.

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4. She loves to travel

Aside from the UAE, Vanja has been to Tanzania in East Africa, Paris, and Zanzibar.

5. She seems to be on ‘baecation’ with Kudzai

It seems Vanja may be on vacation with Kudzai as they both shared videos from the Atlantis Royal Hotel.

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