Lasizwe explains what really happened to Ricky Rick & what went through him. It’s not secret that Lasizwe – like many other celebrities – have felt triggered in the wake of Riky Rick’s death.

Lasizwe explains what really happened to Ricky Rick & what went through him

The rapper was confirmed dead on Wednesday, 23 February after a reported suicide.

Having been close friends with Riky, Lasizwe – who has been open about his own battle with depression and anxiety – took the news badly. On Thursday afternoon, Lasizwe had friends, family members and his fans concerned after he went live on Instagram with a video of him having an emotional breakdown.

Lasizwe was cleaning his pool when he seemingly had an panic attack.
He went on Instagram Live to document his experience where he was seen weeping.

Speaking of Riky Rick’s death, he said: “I’m trying so hard not to process this. The fact that he had no-one to speak to. I went through that, I know what it feels like to to die inside and have no-one to talk to and understand”.

Lasizwe then urged South Africans – and in particular men – to start taking depression seriously.


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“People need to start understanding that depression is real. When we start taking it seriously like when we start taking cancer seriously is the moment we’re going to have less suicides

“Men are scared to speak out. They feel like they need to bottle it up, they need to drink alcohol, get bad b****yes and thats it.

“We keep losing idols. We keep losing people that don’t need to die. This is a wake up call for many people. We’re losing people like flies. People are taking their lives and it’s become a norm


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