Isibaya actor and singer Zakhele Msibi Wants People to know he’s alive and well especially with rumours spreading like wildfire that he had died. Talk about the worst nightmare ever!!Latest On Isibaya Actor Zakhele Msibi death

Latest On Isibaya Actor Zakhele Msibi Death

Popularly known as Bra Nkebs, the former Isibaya Actor said he was really stunned to wake up to the news on Wednesday that he was dead.Latest On Isibaya Actor Zakhele Msibi death

In an interview with Daily Sun, the actor said his brother Ernest told him about the nasty rumours.


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“My brother sent me a screenshot of a Facebook post that I am dead”.

“Someone posted this on the ladies house Facebook page, ” he said.

“I was shocked and as I was trying to process it, calls from my friends and family started coming in. They were worried thinking I was dead.”

Bra Nkebs said he wants people to know that he’s strong as a horse and dying isn’t in his schedule. People cannot be spreading lies like this and get away with it.”

He however looked at the “brighter side” of the death hoax and concluded that it might be because people are missing him.

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