All actress Motsoaledi Setumo wanted to do was move house in peace, but the star has since had to battle reports that she has been “fleeing” witchcraft.

The star, who plays role of Mmabatho on The Queen, made headlines last year when Sunday World reported that the star was chased from her house by sorcery. The paper claimed that the star found that her brand-new BMW 1 series and the garage in which she had parked it were sprinkled with what resembled blood.

But it seems nothing could be further from the truth.

The star told Metro FM’s DJ Fresh this week that there is no green-eyed witches after her and she just wanted to move without drama.

“Witchcraft is supernatural powers, right? So how can I run away from Kagiso? Will it not reach me in Fourways? It was fake news. I moved because it was time for me to move home.”

She said the reports had hit her family hard and given them serious trust issues.

“My family is like: ‘If it in the papers, it is true.’ It is so difficult to explain to my 82-year-old grandmother that it is not true … Now we have trust issues because who would possibly call the papers to tell them that?”

The actress is quite close to her family, including her mother who was left quadriplegic after a car accident in 1999.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE last year, she explained how she struggled to cope after her mother’s accident

“There came a time where I just couldn’t open up about my mom being in a wheelchair. The teachers just saw the change in behaviour. I also didn’t want to be home, I couldn’t handle seeing the hurt in my mother’s eyes when I could see she wanted to do stuff for me but couldn’t. So I ended up not wanting to be home or to see my mom. That’s how I ended up as a rebel.”

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