Lerato Kganyago responds to jub jub threatining to expose her. The tension in South Africa is boiling over and everyone seems to be on edge. Even on social media, clashes and ‘violence’ can be seen in the comment section.

Lerato Kganyago responds to jub jub threatining to expose her

Our local celebrities and influencers are no exception. Jub Jub and Lerato Kganyago found themselves having a war of words over the current situation in South Africa.

It started with Jub Jub posting a rant on social media where he dissected the situation in South Africa and suggested solutions for the government. The over two minute video was well received and Mzansi gave him props for standing up and raising his voice.

In the footage, the rapper explained that he understood their plight and that the government had failed them. Jub Jub also went on to say that he did his part to help by donating 10% of his salary to the disadvantaged.

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When fellow industry peer Lerato Kganyago tried to interject with her own thoughts on the matter, the rapper delivered a stinging clap back Mzansi social media users were left amused by the brutal exchange and by Jub Jub’s blatant threat.

Responding to his rant, Lerato rebuked the rapper for the generalisations. She said that people of influence were also doing their bit to help and Jub Jub was jumping the gun by assuming no one was doing anything. She also said that government was the problem but it wasn’t a problem that started recently. The stunner went on to mention the Guptas and said that their influence was also to blame.

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Kganyago’s words lit a fuse within the Uyajola9/9 host and he lost it. He told Kganyago to not apply his statement to herself if the cap did not fit. He also went on to say that he knew nothing about the Guptas and did not care about them because he was speaking on his own experience.

He wrapped up the aggressive rant by threatening to expose her secrets if she ever dared to come for him again.

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