Samkelo Ndlovu has been at odds trying to explain to fans that she won’t have her baby act on Rhythm City.  Many are however still convinced that her character Lerato’s new born baby, is actually hers. Samkelo had to explain that the episode was shot in November last year. Her baby was born two weeks ago. On Twitter, Samkelo felt the need to clear the air on the subject.

Actress Samkelo Ndlovu, has shared a tiny glimpse of her three month old daughter on social media. The actress is very private about her personal life, more so now that she is a mother to a healthy baby girl.

However, she could not help but share her bundle of joy with the rest of Mzansi.

“A mom. A daughter. We are almost 3 weeks old,  growing in light and love. Our beautiful angel” she captioned a post on Instagram.

Samkelo, who also plays the role of a new mom Lerato on eTV soap Rhythm City, has had to address unfounded theories from fans suggesting she was using her real baby on the show.

She flatly dismissed that idea saying she is not “crazy” enough to expose her infant baby to that kind of environment this early in their life.

Perhaps the post will help put an end to the rumours once and for all.



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