Letoya Makhene is a beautiful South African actress. She is not only an actress but also a singer and television personality has decided to turn lesbian. The actress revealed that she has found love with Joburg businesswoman, Lebo Keswa.Letoya Makhene In Lesbian Affair

 Letoya Makhene In Lesbian Affair

Their lesbian relationship has drawn public scrutiny but the love birds have turned a blind eye and decided to move in together in the posh Joburg home where they share their love without the prying and judgemental eyes of the public. Letoya Makhene In Lesbian Affair

Letoya Makhene In Lesbian Affair

See her Instagram post below as she state what she was up to with her Boo in lockdown.

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What are you and your partner getting up to? #Covid_19SA #lockdown2020 #Me&MyBoo

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Letoya is a mother of four children- three boys and a girl. she had three children with Zimbabwean Privilege Mangesi her first husband before things went bad.Last year she had her baby girl, the first baby with her boyfriend, Tshepo Leeuw.

As a mother and daughter her biggest fear was telling her  dad and her kids that she  is in love with a woman. She was afraid of hurting them.


“But as life would have it – they only had good things to share and showed us nothing but love and support. It’s because of my family that I’m ready for any negativity that the rest of the world might have towards us”. The actress beamed as she said she was now free as being with a woman did not mean ” being beneath my other half” and she would be loving, sexual and spiritual without judgement, she said.

Letoya’s other half Kwesa reiterated that she had indeed found the love of her life in Letoya.See some of her post on Twitter.

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She too said the fear of the public reaction was the reason they had been hiding their relationship from the public.

Letoya Makhene In Lesbian Affair

“We had to be very careful about how we handle social media and each other when we went to public places. It is because we live in a very homophobic world where being your sexual preference still makes negative news. So our challenge was the world not allowing us to be who we wanted to be,” she said.

Letoya added: “People who discriminate against the LGBTQI must learn to focus on their lives. We don’t owe them any explanation for who we are and don’t pay any attention to negativity, we are focusing on ourselves, our families and the difference we can make to society.”

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