Mampintsha’s mother disapproves her son’s marriage to Babes Wodumo. It is quite unfortunate that this had to be said about Gqom singer, Babes Wodumo, especially now that they just made things official with husband, Mampintsha.

Mampintsha’s mother disapproves her son’s marriage to Babes Wodumo - Video

One thing that you can be almost be sure of is that there will be problems with the in-laws, particularly, the mother in laws.

That is how it has been for some time in black families, the tension between mother and daughter in law can cause problems, that is why it is important to iron things out before any major steps are taken.

In a video, Mampintsha’s mother revealed a lot of sensitive information, these are things we should not know, the things that are kept within the family.

It seems like Mampintsha’s mother does not really like Babes Wodumo, one major thing that she revealed is about Babes Wodumo’s alleged pregnancy, she said that there is no baby, she said that Babes has a sponge on her stomach area.

What this means is that Mampintsha’s mother implies that Babes is lying about that, now this immediately led to a lot of reactions.

People have already started talking about this, probably trying to understand why Mampintsha’s mother would say what she said because things like these tend to damage a celebrity’s image.

People on social media do not really like asking questions, they just run with a story, before we know, this story will be making headlines.

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And this is, in a way, bad for Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha because they just got married, they probably want some time away from the public.

The wedding alone has brought enough attention to them, now this might just make them the talk of the town and you know what happens when one trends for the wrong reasons.

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