Khathaza’s (Sibonile Ngubane) serial killing spree had women in KwaMashu cowering behind closed doors at the end of December. But his wife MaNgcobo (Dawn Thandeka King) starts the new year with a bang. “She discovers the secret room where he’s been killing the women. It’s traumatic for her,” reveals Dawn. And MaNgcobo doesn’t even think of covering up for him, she goes straight to the police. Unfortunately though, “They do what they do best at police stations – they basically just ignore her,” says Dawn.

But MaNgcobo’s fuming frustration is interrupted when she learns that a mob is gathering to kill Khathaza – their prime murder suspect. And when she returns home to demand the truth from Khathaza himself, MaNgcobo will face a life- or- death choice. “He tells her that he did it for her. When she understands the fact that Khathaza hates her so much but he loves her so much too, it makes her realise that she’s dealing with a sick man,” says Dawn.


With the mob at her door and her exhusband Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) losing a brawl to Khathaza, MaNgcobo attacks Khathaza and has him dragged out to the crowd, who have a tyre and matches ready. But when police sirens start sounding, MaNgcobo strikes. “If she doesn’t kill him, it will never end because he is going to be arrested and he will not pay for what he has done. So in that moment, she decides that she is going to kill him. She kills him at 12 o’clock on New Year’s day,” says Dawn. “She thought they had a marriage made in heaven. She’s the one who has to put an end to it. There is no other way.”


Where do you go after you kill your husband and get away with it? Nkunzi doesn’t even wait for Khathaza’s corpse to cool before he’s courting MaNgcobo and her millions. It’s going to make for an interesting dynamic ’til mid January. “They can never be the same again, so much has happened. I’d like them to be rivals who live together, like Mr & Mrs Smith (the 2005 spy movie) where you are married to the enemy,” says Dawn. “I’d like to see her harden, that’s what happens to a woman who has gone through a lot – you almost become immune to pain. People have been wanting MamBoulevard (queen of the streets) back, like

Cherel de Villiers (Michelle Botes) in Isidingo (1998now). That kind of female villain.”


Gabisile and Sibonelo tried to break up Khehla and Nonka, Khathaza’s reign of serial-killing terror continued, and Sbu proposed to Fikile with a stolen ring.


MaNgcobo decides what to do with Khathaza after she uncovers his true nature, and Nkunzi chooses the wrong time for courting. Khehla is beyond jealous seeing Gabisile and Qhabanga together, Gabi is frantic as Sbu almost blows her and Khehla’s cover, and Nonka decides whether to keep or drop Khehla. Fikile meanwhile trips over her own pride.

6 – 10 JANUARY

Nkunzi realises that MaNgcobo might slip out of his grasp again, and Sibonelo crosses the line while Nkunzi is trying to get MaNgcobo back. Sibonelo makes a huge mistake when he walks into Khehla’s room without knocking, and MaNgcobo’s announcement breaks Nkunzi’s heart. Gabisile panics when Khehla makes a statement, and Qhabanga plays his cards close to his chest while making Khehla choke on his own guilt. Qhabanga and Gabi are at odds, and Qhabanga makes a confession. Elsewhere, Fikile is terribly bored without Sbu but she can’t get over her pride no matter how much Sbu begs her.

13 – 14 JANUARY

The power dynamic between MaNgcobo and Nkunzi shifts, a confrontation between Khehla and Gabisile threatens to lead to disaster, and MaMlambo finds what she needs.

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