If our hope for 2020 was a person, it would be Date My Family‘s Mbali. Bachelor Caswell was looking for love on the hit reality show and was interrogated by family members of his potential dates. While he met many different people on his journey, it was contestant Nthabiseng’s sister, Mbali, who stole the show. She wasn’t impressed with Caswell and told audiences “it’s zero from me”.

She was the first person to stand up and greet Caswell, who was wearing a jacket to hide his “love handles”. She asked how he could wear a jacket in such hot weather. But according to fans it was Mbali who was serving all the heat.

From the moment she appeared on screen, social media was filled with memes and “appreciation posts” for sis. In the end, Caswell didn’t choose Mbali and Nthabiseng’s family, leaving them to resolve to go drinking. Still, there were many on social media who wished they had been on the show to take their shot with Mbali.

Source : News365