South Africa is full of possibilities especially when you are associated with the ANC. Today was Kwazulu Natal MEC of Transport, Bheki Ntuli’s funeral, but what transpired at the funeral left plenty of questions to be answered, MEC Ntuli’s wife attends funeral in Ambulance.

Ntuli died at Durban hospital earlier this week from complications related to the Deadly Covid-19 disease. He was laid to rest in home in Empangeni. President Cyril Ramaphosa granted him a Special category one Provincial Funeral.

But people on social media were left utterly shocked after his wife who is also recovering from the deadly virus infection was granted permission from hospital to come and say goodbye to her husband, but the shock was mainly because she was brought in an Ambulance and in many ways violating Quarantine restriction.

South Africans did not show sympathy though as they view this another abuse of state resources with others saying the ambulance should have been used to attend another potential patient who could be severely affected by the Covid-19 disease, as the country continues to record a surge especially in KZN.

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