The men from the hostel got together and made a plan to help Mzala buy stock again, and they’re happy they can get their magic skop again.Meet Soweto woman who cooks soup that fixes relationships

Meet Soweto woman who cooks soup that fixes relationships

The men at Mzimhlophe Hostel, Soweto, call the soup umhluzi.

They say it works wonders in bed.

Mqikeleli Shabalala (40) said during lockdown, Mzala, the woman selling inyama yenhloko, couldn’t work and didn’t have money to buy stock.

“We nearly lost our lovers,” said Mqikeleli.

He said when you drink Mzala’s mhluzi you don’t sleep at night.

“The game lasts so much longer,” he said.

That’s why they contributed money and gave it to Mzala.

“Now she’s back in business. We’re happy,” he said.

Other hostel dwellers said they suspected Mzala uses mpesu in the broth.

“There’s no way umhluzi can be this good,” said Khonzeni Zikalala (35). My wife was complaining that we were becoming boring in the bedroom.

But a friend introduced me to umhluzi and things changed. She’s the happiest woman on earth.”

Khonzeni also helped Mzala buy new stock.

“I couldn’t just watch as I was slowly losing my wife,” he said.

Mzala said she suffered during lockdown and ended up spending all her money.

“When time came to stock up again, I couldn’t afford it,” she said.

“When men started calling me and asking when I’d start selling again, I told them I didn’t have capital and they came to my rescue.”

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She said umhluzi was good for men in bed and she indeed added mpesu, which she got from a traditional store in Joburg.

“I mix it with the soup. It gives them more energy,” she said.

Sindi Nhlabathi said she also contributed to get Mzala back to work.

“I was bored to death. Our game was only lasting two minutes but now that Mzala is back, it lasts an hour.”

Nonzuzo Dlamini (34) said: “I love Mzala for saving our marriage.”

The SunMan also tasted Mzala’s umhluzi.

“Wow! Life’s good!”

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