Sometimes, if you’re a regular person and date or marry a really super famous celebrity, your life is bound to be hoisted into the limelight. Unfortunately, your families life is included as well.

Since Somizi went public with his relationship and engagement to his fiance’ Mohale, the young man has found himself receiving a lot of scrutiny and attention from the public.

From people criticizing the age gap between him and Somizi to other various questions that clearly is none of anyone’s business but Somizi and Mohale have mastered the art of ignoring the unnecessary drama and naysayers

However, Mohale’s sister is finding all the unwanted attention towards her and her brother a bit unsettling.

Mohale’s sister recently sent out a post on Facebook pleading for people to just leave them alone.


Mohale’s sister was probably being asked all these questions because her brother featured in the third season of Somizi’s reality show which aired on Thursday night.




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