Moja Love have once again faced backlash for allegedly “degrading black South Africans” and has been labelled has “insensitive to those it features”.

The channel was dragged by social media users on Tuesday after the debut of its new reality show After Tears, which documents the deaths of significant people in the community and life after their burial.

The first episode of the show featured the death and funeral of Mlajero, “a fun-loving 27 year old that was popular for his dance moves and hosting the best parties”.

Viewers were shocked by the parties that followed the death and by revelations that the young man had died of HIV/Aids.

Many felt that it was insensitive to reveal such info and the channel should have at least protected the family from the stigmas that so often surround the condition.

Repeated attempts to contact Moja Love for comment on the allegations were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article, but the channel’s head of production Bokani Moyo has previously defended its content.

She added that the channel was just reflecting the reality of so many people.

“We are showing uncomfortable truths. It is true we live in a time, or society, where households are headed by women and the fathers of these children are nowhere to be found, or are not in the picture for whatever reason,” she said in an interview on Metro FM in May.

Source : TimesLive