After worrying that Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala might have broken up, the two appear to have quelled our fears by sharing a pair of cute, loved-up pictures on their respective social media pages.

Fans of Moshe and Phelo’s relationship were understandably worried this week when the two appeared to be distancing themselves from each other. While it’s unreasonable of us to expect them to share images of each other every single day, a number of suspicious actions on social media had us concerned for the well-being of their budding romance.

Notably, Phelo appeared to remove every single picture of himself alongside Moshe from his Instagram page before completely wiping his account of all posts. Moshe, for his part in this confusing period between the two, shared a number of concerning posts about toxic and controlling partners.

This was a start; but when we noticed that the two hadn’t so much as acknowledged each other on social media for the best part of a week, we began to fear the worst.

However, shortly after our report was published on Wednesday afternoon, Phelo and Moshe eased our collective fears by seeming to confirm that they were still together.

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Throughout the years we’ve always found our way back to one another and nothing has changed. This is what I want and the love that I truly need.


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Moshe, meanwhile, continued as if nothing had happened when he joked about his lover not finding him funny:

Phelo and Moshe have been one of South Africa’s most inspirational couples and it goes without saying that the country is a much happier place with them together than it would be if they split up.

Are you breathing easier now that you know that Moshe and Phelo have not, in fact, broken up?

Source: All4Women