Thembeka And Mthunzi Declare War in Scandal!

It’s not often that fans get to see the slippery Thembeka (Masasa Mbangeni) at a disadvantage, so when it does happen it tends to make things a lot more interesting. Having recently been ousted by Romeo for her sneaky plan to throw her “business” partner Mthunzi to the wolves, Thembeka is left scrambling desperately.

Following Thembeka and Romeo’s elaborate plan to bring Mthunzi down – and hopefully get their hands on ThebeLanga in the process – things didn’t go quite as they had envisioned. The act of betrayal makes Mthunzi livid. “You can only imagine how angered and enraged Mthunzi must be to experience a betrayal of this level”. Masasa said. “He does what any person in his position would do – attack and destroy and go out to hurt”.

Thembeka in Scandal
Things are about to get exciting with Thembeka And Mthunzi on eTV’s Scandal

To make matter worse, Mthunzi appears to be truly in love with Thembeka after she made various promises of love and companionship in a ploy to make him soft and catch him off-guard. “She agrees to be his partner in crime, to be a queen to his king. Together they would take down the ThebeLanga kingdom,” Masasa said to News Report.

Naturally, when Mthunzi finds out he was being played by Thembeka and Romeo, he doesn’t take the humiliation without throwing a few punches of his own. And it seems like things are about to go down for real. “All I can say is that viewers must expect drama, a lot of action! It’s a very hectic storyline that we have just finished shooting”, Masasa hinted on episodes to come.

Thembeka, as Scandal’s queen of deception and betrayal, will soon learn however that she may have met her match in Mthunzi.

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