Monday 09 April 2018
Episode 3007

Tendamudzimu makes an unusual request that leaves Azwindini at a loss for words. James threatens to annul his marriage to Moliehi. Imani makes a discovery that confirms her worst suspicions about her marriage.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 3008

Azwindini gets a horrible shock when the Sherriff of the court delivers devastating news. The meeting between the Motsamai’s and the Zikalala’s does not conclude amicably. Imani thinks her plan with Ranthomeng is working.

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Episode 3009 

The royal house is thrown into disarray following Mulalo’s interdict. James’ house finally finds harmony. But it is short-lived. Imani is gutted when she opens Ranthomeng’s gift.

Thursday 12 April 2018
Episode 3010

Rendani is summoned to Thathe in the middle of the night. James shows the Zikalala’s that he’s a force to be reckoned with. The cracks that Imani worked so hard to cover up in her marriage finally make their way to Gugu’s eyes.

Friday 13 April 2018
Episode 3011 

Faces turns sour in the Royal House when Vho-Makhadzi announces the new regent. The Zikalala’s up the ante in their cat and mouse game with James and Moliehi. When Gugu tells Imani about what she saw last night, Imani immediately dismisses her suspicions.
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