“MY wife left me with 6 kids. Our daughter is dying, I have lost hope” -A man painfully admitted.Marriage, also known as wedlock or marriage, is a traditionally recognized marriage between persons known as the partners, establishing rights and responsibilities between them and their children as well as among them and their in-laws.

“MY wife left me with 6 kids. Our daughter is dying, I have lost hope”

The definition of marriage varies between cultures and religions and over time. It is considered to be universal in culture. It is normally an entity that recognizes or

sanctions interpersonal relationships, often s_xual. In certain cultures, before s_xual intercourse, marriage is recommended or considered obligatory. A wedding is considered a marriage celebration.

Phideline has a baby of 7 years old Inexa Promise, which dies of a serious illness, according to an interview with Afrimax. Everything began when he married his girlfriend, and then they got married after falling in love.

It had seven kids, but they didn’t have any problem. When the baby promise arrived, however, the problem became as the head grew larger and bigger. They brought her to the hospital and they were informed that the baby had water in the brain after some examination.

The parents were surprising because they didn’t have a kid to handle. His wife worked so hard to raise money but she passed on and left him with 6 children. He has no job and has to stay at home all day.

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It has been three years since his wife passed on and the baby’s head has been growing bigger and bigger. However, he sent a message to his wife saying:

“Darling until today i cant believe you are gone. We started this journey together but you left me alone. I have lost hope for our baby and other children. We miss you alot and we love you.”

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