The new year is barely two weeks old and already Mzansi has trust issues, especially when it comes to Skeem Saam‘s Noah.

Remember how Noah had been going through the most over the past two years, and even had fans threatening to boycott the show if he did not stop stealing and lying?

Well it seems dude has gone through reform and is looking to Leeto as a role model. He is even referring to him as pops.

It’s a lot! Like during a bout of load-shedding, a lot of people feel a little in the dark about exactly what Noah’s motives. Could the dude really be finding a father figure in his mentor or is he just here for the perks? Many noted that he wasn’t even bothered about Leeto until malume got a fancy new crib.

Let’s be honest, the décor and pool area had everyone going mal and if it meant we could move in, we might also consider doctoring our birth certificates and asking malume to adopt us.

It seems we weren’t the only ones. Twitter TLs were more lit than a Christmas tree after Monday night’s episode, with fans posting memes and messages about Noah and Leeto’s relationship.

Soon both were dominating the trends list.

Source : News365



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