There has been a confusion on social media regarding the Death of Cleo. People did not know who the real Cleo died yesterday from Corona virus. Fans sends messages of condolences to DJ cleo thinking he is the one who died of Covid yesterday.Mzansi in shock as #RIPCleo trends

Mzansi in shock as #RIPCleo trends

The popular Musician DJ Cleo is still alive, The person who dies is not the Cleo most people know who is a singer and DJ. The Cleo who died is not well known by many people. She was an intelligent, scientist and a Social Media activist. Most people know her for the heart of she had for people.

This is Cleo who passed away

Mzansi in shock as #RIPCleo trends

Messages were pouring for DJ Cloe since people thought he is the one who died from Corona. To clear the confusion, Facebook hitmaker is not dead. Cleo trended yesterday until today but most people are now aware of the Cleo who passed away.

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My advice to people is that they must Stop trusting social media but rather wait for reputable publications for reliable news.

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