Mzansi Left Speechless After Sis Thembi Gave Facts About Calling In #Dlozlami.Whatever You Have That’s Ancestors Given, Nobody Can Curse It Or Take It From You Be Blessed And Dream Possibilities Tonight.

Mzansi Left Speechless After Sis Thembi Gave Facts About Calling In #Dlozlami

Today’s episode was about education. Sis Thembi was reaching us something important about our ancestors and career. Ancestors are always fighting. Just violence and more violence. When it comes to iDlozi protocol is protocol feelings aside.

I don’t usually agree with Thembi, today I do. If a child is born in a marriage they belong to that father’s bazalwe babikwa. I don’t agree with the mother when it comes to the estate part, your children will benefit either way she had to write a will.

Do not normalize going to the gravesites, there are a lot of people buried there meaning a lot of spirits buried there therefore there are a lot of influences around you& not all spirits are good Talk to your ancestors at home

Bulelwa’s life is is disarray just because her own father abandoned her when she was 3. Bulelwa must go clean her umsamo kusale white candle & Bible.

I think it’s time when we go to the gravesites we must shout at the underground gang when they start having unrealistic expectations about us like giving dead beat father’s lobola money, tell them straight “I don’t want to do this.

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Their so quick (Vundu’s ancestors) to put a strain on this lady’s marriage but they didn’t even lift a finger when their son abandoned his wife and child many years ago.

Sis Thembi telling Bulelwa that she has to go back to school, study medicine & follow her calling which she ignored when she finished matric. The only way to fight her challenges is through her career.

It’s like we gonna be their objects of finishing what they couldn’t finish.. what about we want???

If only our ancestors could tell us our career paths before we spend years studying the wrong things then you wonder why things are not working out.

Sis Thembi just gave us facts tonight about a CALLING! A CALLING doesn’t necessarily have to be that of a SANGOMA

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