2020 has been a tough year for most actors and producers. South Africa moved to lockdown on the second quarter of the year ,and settling the new pandemic made people lose their lives due to Corona virus and also while others loses their jobs. Mzansi pays tribute to #SkeemSam actor Koko Mantsha.

Mzansi pays tribute to #SkeemSam actor Koko Mantsha

More businesses love capital and retrenched workers commitment has destroyed lot of families and more are seeing in tears even now. More life have been lost complicated diseases and coronavirus related diseased and accident.

As soon Koko mantsha leave skeem SAAM things will not be the same for viewers as she make the story more exciting.

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skeem SAAM actor Koko mantsha, really deserve a tribute to show admiring and respect. Mzansi is paying tribute for the amazing job Koko mantsha. has done in the entertainment industry.

Koko mantsha is leaving skeem SAAM on 2021 july.she is a role model to many South Africans.

Tribute means
Respected, admiring,honouring someone.

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