Mzansi shocked by South Africa – Swaziland border gate. The Economic Freedom Fighters EFF leader Julius Malema calls for open borders across Africa and Southern Africa, ever wondered how the Swaziland – South Africa border gate looks like?

Mzansi shocked by South Africa – Swaziland border gate - Video

Swaziland and South Africa share a lot including cultural similarities and trade, Swaziland students and shoppers cross the border gate on daily basis to and from South Africa.

Mzansi Responds To The South Africa Swaziland Border State

There is no fence it has all been removed, people have been going back and forth from Lesotho , Swatini, Mozambique freely for years , the “Ports of entry “ are a waste of time, close them down and allow free movement of people.

Fire Minister Aaron Motsoaledi he is the TRUE representation of the totally FAILURE of the ANC government. He failed the Health Department on Life Esidimeni saga and as usual Cader Deployment prevailed when when moved to Home Affairs and now this. Save our taxes and fire him

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I’m not against free movement of citizens but law enforcement in Swaziland must be on par with South Africa then free movement will be possible, at this stage free movement is just exposing South Africans to dangerous criminals.

The thing with these borders between eSwatini amd Mzansi is that they were foot n mouth disease check points for cattle and they then turned into borders when the Boers thought Mzansi was their property to keep. The natives were never consulted when diving the land.

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