Nanny Intentionally Kills 6 Months Baby Girl Over Unpaid Salary. Another shocking incident has left the residents of Shabalala in Hazyview, Mpumalanga fuming after what a nanny did to a 6-months old baby girl.

Nanny Intentionally Kills 6 Months Baby Girl Over Unpaid Salary

It has been reported that a 6 Months baby girl has been killed allegedly by the nanny for not getting paid her wages.Apparently the nanny was not paid since from the 25th of November and decided to intentionally kill Angel Ndlovu.When the mother of the child was still at work, the nanny gave the baby a formula mixed with Sunlight Liquid.The incident happened on Tuesday evening and the baby was rushed to hospital.Sadly the baby did not survive the Sunlight Liquid that was given to her and also the doctors failed to help.

According to the statement reported, the nanny Pontsho Mokgoto added the Sunlight Liquid to the baby milk to kill Angel Ndlovu since she was not paid.

Residents are fuming after getting to know that the woman did such a cruel thing to a 6 Months baby Angel Ndlovu.The nanny was expecting to get her paid before month end and when the mother of the baby delayed.She decided to deliberately kill the baby instead of waiting to hear what caused the mother of the child not to pay in time.

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It is very heartbreaking that a woman can do such a thing, to take the life of a baby over money.The mother of Angel Ndlovu is left traumatized as she trusted Pontsho Mokgoto with her baby and now the baby girl is gone.

Police are now looking for Pontsho Mokgoto after disappearing from the day she gave baby Angel Ndlovu milk mixed with dish washing soap.Murder case has been opened and the Police officers promised to look for the nanny day and night until she is found.


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