Nasty C’s career is growing like fungus on heat but not much can be said of his height and it worries him.

The Hell Naw hitmaker jokingly took to Twitter to share an image of him and his best friend from when they were young to now. Captioning the image he said how did they manage to grow so much on many aspects but remained short in height.

“With all that’s changed & all the blessings we received, How the fuck did we stay this short?” he wrote. It came as a shock to many that Nasty C is still friends with his high school friend, since it is a rare case to keep friends for that longer nowadays.

It wasn’t the first time the rapper expressed an insecurity concerning his body, earlier this year he revealed the toe he has been hiding from people almost all his life which is bigger than normal.

“It was something I was born with. I was able to hide it… but I didn’t accept myself. I didn’t love myself one hundred percent. I expected people to give me some sort of validation and I didn’t even accept myself or love myself enough. Completely.”

Nasty C said he had been thinking of coming out for a while now but didn’t know how he would deal with all the horrible comments and trolling.

“I thought it would affect so much, in terms of the way people look at me.”

Source: sahiphopmag