While Natasha Thahane is definitely a star in her own right, it is public knowledge that she’s the granddaughter of the world-renowned Archbishop Desmond Tutu and she’s revealed it’s not always rosy.

Natasha explained during an interview on Metro FM that although being the grandchild of Archbishop Desmond Tutu had its perks, it wasn’t always easy.

“Well, with everything that is happening right now, like it really hurts. So I don’t really want to want to get into everything,” she said taking a moment to compose herself as she got emotional.

The actress, who has impressed as Enhle on Skeem Saam and Amo on The Queen, revealed that at times it was hard to stomach the things that people say about her, her grandfather and her family as a whole.

However, she took the opportunity to praise the women in her family and in her life that have helped shaped the strong woman she is today. She said that in whatever situation her family found themselves in, she could always depend on the strong women in the family to hold everyone together.

“My grandmother has been there for my grandfather, and he would not be where he is today without my grandmother. My family is filled with strong, amazing women.”

The death of Mama Winnie has brought about a lot of criticism for Desmond Tutu due to his interaction with Mama Winnie during the TRC.

The young actress chose not to respond directly to the hate speech that people on social media have directed to her grandfather.

“I don’t wanna get into that right now. It’s just a lot, you know, because obviously you know people on different levels. I’m fighting the odds and I will fight it until my last breath because that is my baby and that is what I feel passionate about. When it comes to politics and everything, look I can handle it as well but for me it’s just a matter of shutting up the noise and doing what you need to do.”

Natasha said she wanted to carve her name as Natasha in an art she loves


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