Whilst celebrating his 30th birthday which took place over the past week, Clement decided to host an intimate birthday dinner with close friends on Saturday night.
But what his friends didn’t know is that the actor would also pop the big question to his girlfriend.

The friends were just as surprised as his lady to see him go down on one knee and ask his lady for a hand in marriage.

They were never ready.

And just a year ago he buried his other close friend, the late Dumi Masilela who was killed during a hijacking attempt in August.

On his birthday, Clement shared a touching message dedicated to himself as a form of encouragement for all the trials and tribulations he’s been through in his 30-years of life.

In the message, Clement shared how he was born under unfavorable conditions, which included coming from a poor background and also losing both his parents at a young age.

What is also heartbreaking is that this is probably the first time Clement opens up about attempting suicide twice.

Parts of his message to himself read:

“Your parents left you as a teenager with nothing but look at you. You stood the worst of times and lost so many loved ones but look at you now. You were rejected so many times and told you are not talented but look at you. You attempted suicide twice but God knew it was not yet time, now look!”

Congratulations to Clement and his lady.

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