ACTRESS Nolo Phiri admits that being an actress, mother and businesswoman has not been very easy hence she took a break. The star, who was part of Rhythm City for six years before leaving, says she is looking forward to living her life outside of her character, Niki.


Nolo says she is in a space of constant learning as she is constantly juggling being an actress, producer and businesswoman. “The challenges are rife and never-ending. I have to assert myself more aggressively and work hard to prove that I am all three without separation. It’s also a beautiful journey of self-awareness,” she says. Asked about her business venture, the actress says she is fortunate to work for a production company that is supportive of her individual endeavours and still employs her to produce various shows. “My relationship with them started in my varsity days. When I approached them with the intent to explore this venture, they were just amazing. My motivation is to truly grow in my craft, tell stories and to colour outside the lines that people often box me in. I am a multi-faceted individual.”


She says being a mother to her son Leruo (4) is everything to her. “I love watching my son experience life as it enables me to re-live my life. Once you get over worrying about if you are doing a great job, you get to relearn things about yourself and start to appreciate the person you are and the person you are raising,” she says.


Nolo has partnered with the washing powder, OMO, as brand ambassador. She says her partnership with OMO makes sense to her as she is a working woman who finds family values very important. “OMO has been part of my life since the beginning of time. I am very glad to partner with them,” she says, adding that she and Leruo now laugh in the face of laundry. “It’s not such a big thing for me. Clothes are made for living, so live.”


Nolo says playing Niki was great. “I had the opportunity to play a diverse character. She evolved a lot throughout the show in various aspects of her life and so did I since joining the show. I joined the show as a young adult and I have gone through my own evolution of character throughout the years. Niki was very complicated and as much as the fans loved to hate her, I related to some of the situations she found herself in and often sympathised or rejoiced with her,” she says. She explains that leaving Rhythm City was not an easy as the team was very much like family to her.




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