Nomzamo Mbatha Dragged For Trying To Make Thuso Mbedu’s New Gig About Her! The country is raving over the star that is Thuso Mbedu and her
inevitable Hollywood domination about to happen.

Many local celebs have joined in social media in sending Thuso some love and congratulatory messages on her new Hollywood lead role. Nomzamo Mbatha being one of them but somehow her tweet to Thuso has left a sour taste on black twitter. The actress revealed in her message how she herself
had auditioned for the role.

However well intentioned, black twitter couldn’t understand why she put herself in Thuso’s moment of shine.
“When I auditioned and found out I was been pinned for this role I couldn’t stop jumping with excitement! Now finding out that a deserving homegirl got it makes the loss so sweet!!!
Congratulations Thuso, I know you will do Cora so much justice,” Nomzamo said in a since deleted tweet.

Source : Okmzansi