There are rumours that are circulating about 5G being the real cause behind the coronavirus outbreak.Controversy Ntsiki Mazwai blasts Patrice Motsepe

It seems Ntsiki Mazwai has caught up on this rumour and she recently posted about it and connected it to Patrice Motsepe in particular.Controversy Ntsiki Mazwai blasts Patrice Motsepe

Controversy: Ntsiki Mazwai Blasts Patrice Motsepe

Motsepe was spearheading the installation of the 5G project in South Africa. Thus Ntsiki has blasted Motsepe with regards to the 5G project.

Patrice Motsepe recently donated 1million Rands towards the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. However Ntsiki seems not impressed about it.

She took to Twitter to ask if South Africans were consulted about the 5G project that Motsepe was bringing to South Africa.

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She said Motsepe was only interested in money. She also asked if Patrice Motsepe engaged South Africans about the project.

Ntsiki also asked if South Africans ever said they were okay with the radiation and other effects of 5G that cause cancer.

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Source : SA Rich