Now no one would have expected this , it seems like Ntsiki has a lot of Skeletons in her closet, and we are here to expose everything!! Ntsiki is always known for saying a lot of jaw-dropping things but her latest confession has jaws on the floor . Sis dropped a big one on us yohhh revealing juicy details on sharing her friends husband, aibo!!!Ntsiki Mazwai Spills The Beans.

Ntsiki Mazwai Spills The Beans About Sharing Her Friends Husband

Sis took to Twitterville recently to ask married men to stop hitting on her, as she has a big ego and Is not about being quiet, especially if she doesn’t like something.Ntsiki Mazwai Spills The Beans

“Can I ask married men to stop hitting on me ? I have a very big ego and it doesn’t allow for me to take somebody’s leftovers, so please. And I mean we have had this conversation before unless your wife agrees and I have relationship with her and I am like ‘ girl are you okay can I borrow your penis?” H for HECTIC!!!

Ntsiki’s confession lead her to reveal how this is something she has experienced before , talk about deja vu.


“This has happened before where my friend was like you know what my man’s penis is so nice I don’t mind sharing and I was like okay let me go check it out. I checked it out. I came back to her and I was like girl, damn, it is so nice.”

The poet went on to further explain that she was not about to become any man’s secret or side chick, yes wena girl!!

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“When you hit on me and you got somebody must I be hiding myself? I am not a secret. I am not something that is going to happen in a shady corner. If you want to come have a night with me , you are going to tell your wife that it is Ntsiki’s turn today.”

We commend Ntsiki’s bravery y on revealing that she was actually sharing her friends husband. Not a lot of women would be brave enough to do this! Now married men will think twice when approaching her, sis doesn’t have time to play!

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