Renowned pastor, David E. Wilson, has been dubbed the ‘P-ssy Eating Pastor after an explicit video allegedly showing him performing oral s.e.x to a member of his church leaked. According to reports, the woman is not his wife. Published reports allege that Pastor Wilson was “eating the hell out of the woman”.

The pastor who is said to be married has been trending on Twitter for three days ever since the video leaked online. Pastor Wilson is said to have been a minister of the Gospel in Texas for nearly 40 years.He belongs to the BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach church.

It is currently not clear as to who leaked the video and what could be the motive for the leak. But Pastor Wilson’s family says whoever leaked the video of the pastor munching the carpet “wants to become famous off of Pastor David Wilson’s name”

But published reports allege that the woman the pastor is allegedly giving head is not his wife. Malawi24 could not independently verify these claims. The video is too graphic to be published here. On his profile, the pastor claims to be “a motivator” who “loves to see lives transformed to the Glory of God”.


Meanwhile, Pastor Wilson’s impostor has released a parody video hitting back at “holier that though” critics.

“I am a pastor that likes p-ssy. I am a real man. Remember that God made a woman for the man [so] f*ck you” says the lookalike.

Source ” News365