Black Twitter Divided Over Pearl Thusi Tweeting About Her Lost Phone Whist Everyone’s Focus Is On Women Abuse! There’s no debate on what should be the number one priority for South Africa right now, women’s safety.

People from all walks of life and different industries have been using their platforms to speak up and call government to take action on the state of women’s safety. Celebrities having much bigger platforms and influence are also doing their part to bring change. But are they expected to not say anything else unrelated anymore?

Pearl Thusi has been also doing her part in retweeting and voicing her thoughts. But for her work also has to go on and she recently tweeted about her lost cellphone which seems to have been a sponsored tweet. Black twitter seem to be divided on whether it was insensitive for Pearl to post about her lost phone whilst the nation is bleeding.

Below are some of the mixed reactions to Pearl‘s badly timed tweet.

Source : Okmzansi